About anniversary

The Centennial Anniversary of the Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań (originally the University of Poznań), our Almæ Matris Posnaniensis, is approaching. This anniversary will be a great reason for the entire academic community to celebrate.

Even though as an academic community we look forward to the future and focus on the development and changes aimed at adapting universities to the reality of the 21st century, we do not underestimate traditions which have always been very important in our higher education institutions.

From the very beginning, the University of Poznań has always been known for its scientific excellence and popular among students from all over the country. Its establishment has profoundly changed life in the city of Poznań, giving it a new academic dimension and shaping its scientific, cultural, social and economic development. When defining the objectives of the Jubilee Decade, successive university authorities have been faithful to our slogan: Look to the future and cherish traditions.

These words also guide the academic community’s preparations for the Centennial Anniversary. Four higher education institutions whose roots lie in the history of our Almæ Matris will celebrate it together. They include: Adam Mickiewicz University, the Poznań University of Medical Sciences, the Poznań University of Life Sciences and the Poznań University School of Physical Education. These universities developed from faculties or other organizational units of the University of Poznań and shared common history until the beginning of the 1950s, when they became independent as a result of ministerial decisions rather than at their own will.

Every anniversary is conducive to reflections. The Centennial is an appropriate time to reflect on the role of universities in the contemporary dynamically changing and globalizing world. The beginnings of our universities date back to the turbulent times after World War I, and now, after one hundred eventful years and profound changes, the academic community is facing many new challenges.

Knowledge and high-quality education are of key importance for the economic and social progress in the times of increased mobility of people, goods, capital and services and contribute to the development of new technologies. Universities have a special responsibility and must strive to meet social expectations. They should create conditions conducive to unconstrained creation of new ideas, new opportunities and partnerships, and encourage open-mindedness. Universities should inspire their social environment and contribute to a long-term sustainable development.

We believe that the anniversary celebrations will strengthen and validate aspirations of Poznań’s academic community in terms of research and teaching and shall tangibly illustrate the role of universities, in particular that of the four universities celebrating their Centennial, in the life of the city and that of the region. Centennial celebrations will begin with the inauguration of the 2018/2019 academic year organized jointly by the four universities.

We kindly invite you to become familiar with the agenda and celebrate the Centennial with us.

Look to the future and cherish traditions!


Prof. Andrzej Lesicki
Rector of the
Adam Mickiewicz University


Prof. Andrzej Tykarski
Rector of the
Poznan University of Medical Science

Prof. Jan Pikul
Rector of the
Poznan University of Life Sciences

Prof. Dariusz Wieliński
Rector of the
Poznan University of Physical Education